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Computer / Language Lab

Computer cum Language Laboratory are facilitated with 40 computers managed with a server, LAN and WAN networks with 8 hours power back-up, offline resources for language, personality development, movies and education (100 Tamil and English CD-ROMs). All the 100 student-teachers are divided into 2 groups and each group is trained in rotation in handling the MS-office, preparation of learning packages and downloading on-line materials.
The institution equipped with 40 computers with headphones, 100 Tamil, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Commerce and soft skills CD-ROMs. The student-teachers are encouraged to use the ICT materials for their individual learning and to develop teaching-learning materials for the internship.

RULES AND REGULATIONS - Computer Laboratory
  • The backbone of PSGPCE has a well-equipped computer lab.
  • The students could avail the Internet facility on demand. They need to book in advance for availing this facility on a first come first served basis.
  • The students should enter the lab only during their practical class. Apart from the allotted time, if a student wants to access the lab, he/she has to get a written permission from the principal.
  • A written permission from the principal is required to install new software in the system
  • Students are not allowed to take print outs without prior permission.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the lab with the footwear.
  • The stools/keyboard/mouse/interactive console should be put back in order after use.
  • Strict silence has to be observed by the students in the lab.
  • If there is any problem with the facilities, immediate reporting to -principal must be done. Students are discouraged from solving the problem independently
  • Students can not delete or modify any file/files or directory/directories installed.
  • No computer games from any source, either hard disk, floppy, CD-ROM, Internet, etc. at any time in the lab.
  • Students should not view, print, copy or download photography and phonographic materials in any form.
  • Unauthorized Study material. CDs, Pen drives etc. are not allowed into the lab. The students are allowed to save their work in the server only.
  • The students from their systems shall delete no files.


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